New Training Resources Released - EPE

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Great training resources released last week...

Microsoft have recently released the EPE (Everyday Productivity Education) job aids for enhancing productivity and simplifying collaboration using software such as Vista, Office Apps, SharePoint, Groove etc..

These are great PowerPoint resources, which are easily customisable and re-usable in your own corporate branding. Titles include: Download the Listing document here:

Snapshot of what’s available:
• Collaborating with SharePoint Server 2007 Overview
• SharePoint Server 2007 Sites and Workspaces Selection Guide
• SharePoint Server 2007 Document Collaboration
• SharePoint Server 2007 Team Sites Get Started
• Customizing a SharePoint Server 2007 Site
• SharePoint Server 2007 Web Parts Learn More
• SharePoint Server 2007 Meeting Workspaces


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