Blogging from Live Writer…

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Lets see how easy this is.. just downloaded Livewriter from Microsoft, (Offline Blog Client)  - installed and going to add some links and an image then publish up to this blog!

Heres the image… (I’ve already added my blog login credentials)


Ok, here goes…PUBLISH!

UPDATE: That was easy, I’ve seen and tried some other open source tools, but this was by far the best! It prompted me to login to Picasa Web Albums, so image gets stored there…

You can add Albums, Maps, Tags and Embed Video. or link to Soapbox and Youtube!

You can add all sorts of plugins to really spice up your blog check this gallery out..

Got no excuse now! cant believe I’ve missed this!


Phil Childs said...

Excellent tip Ajay - I'll be using this from now on!!