KPI’s & RAG Reporting...

Thursday, 12 March 2009

MOSS Enterprise comes with some great KPI List functionality, but what happens if you want to apply some RAG (Red Amber Green) reporting to other types of lists, calendars? What about if you only have SharePoint Standard Edition or WSS?

I found a great post by that provides an excellent solution.

The post provides a number of articles on how to apply colour coding, formatting and graphics to list columns using a combination of calculated columns and some clever JavaScript in a Content Editor Web Part to render the content in calculated columns as HTML.

Using the standard Issues list template, I created a project status list which depending on a specific status displays a red, amber or green graphic, and formats the project information to a specific colour.

You could get really creative and have the project status change using workflow or data from another sharepoint list or data source.

The full articles are here: which then links off to a number of other related posts.

Thanks to the author, great stuff!

(Note: In SharePoint 2007, you can edit the list pages and add Web Parts above or below the list content. For this to work ensure you put the content editor web part below the list!)