SharePoint Slow-Freezes after search results

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

On Site this morning, created a nice shiny new MOSS installation, patched it up with SP1, Infrastructure updates and the December Cumulative Hot fixes, fully configured the SSP, Search et al... and good to go...

Had a strange issue when using the standard All Sites search - The results were instantaneous, but then nothing happened for at least 30 seconds. I couldn’t click on any of the links, breadcrumbs, navigation including the Internet Explorer browser back buttons! Tried it with FireFox, worked a treat, so the issue seemed IE specific. I tested with IE 6, 7 and 8, same Issue.
Advanced search worked fine, after going through a serious of troubleshooting, I tried the Feb updates as there was some reference to resolving search issues – still no change!

In the end, we fixed it, thanks to:
Option 2 fixed it!


David Bustos said...

Hi, seems that link has a problem with it. Do you have an updated link?



David Bustos said...

ACtually, this might be the new link for it: