Mojave aka Commerce Server ready...

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Another addition to the growing arsenal of SharePoint based products... MS have relaunched Commerce Server, a 2009 version...

What is it? - An ecommerce solution for B2C and B2B scenarios.

Some highlights from the datasheet..

"New default site and easy page skinning features get you up and running quickly. Native integration with Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server (with the availability of 30 new Web parts and controls) and integration with Microsoft‟s Live Services (such as Microsoft Live Virtual Earth™ and Windows ™ Live ID) allows you to pick and choose a range of pre-built functionality without impacting the entire site. "

"Collectively known as SharePoint Commerce Services, Commerce Server 2009 ships with more than 30 different Web parts and controls that offer a building-block approach within SharePoint to deliver contemporary e-commerce Web site functionality"

Some Links:

Commerce Server 2009 @ Microsoft

Readme and Installation Guide - some links to other downloads.

Its available for MSDN subscribers, and available from Microsoft from tommorow... 1st April 09...